Amir Freimann

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I was born (1958) in a kibbutz and grew up in a small village in Israel. At the age of 17 I became deeply interested in spiritual-existential questions about the nature of consciousness, freedom, self and the Whole. Served in the Israeli army and became a pacifist after participating in the 1982 Lebanon War. Studied medicine but at the end of the 5th year of my studies decided to devote my life to spiritual awakening. Spent 2 years meditating in a Zen monastery in Japan and over 20 years doing intense spiritual practice and engaged in philosophical-spiritual exploration in the community of EnlightenNext in the USA. In 1998 I left the community and moved back to Israel, with the intention of participating in and facilitating cultural-spiritual development in Israeli society. Together with a group of leading educators started the Education Spirit Movement (www.eduspirit.org.il), which I am the Managing Director of. Co-edited two books about the connection between education and spirituality, “Education – Essence and Spirit” (2012, MOFET Publication) and “Education – The Human Questions” (to be published at the beginning of 2015 by MOFET Publication), and am working on a third book, “Education – The Wonder and The Mystery”. Married and live in a village (Benei Ziyon) at the center of Israel. See what I’m thinking about and doing at www.facebook.com/amir.freimann (English) or www.facebook.com/freimann.amir (Hebrew).


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